Lab Members

Current lab members:


Graduate Student:

Lide Cha, Ph.D. Candidate

Tzu-Yu Chen, Ph.D. Candidate

Nicholas Koenig Canty







Tyler Hostetler

Charalambos Michael (Harry)

Brady Zanella









Lide Cha, Ph.D. Candidate, Organic Chemistry,

  • Research Interests: I am interested in discovering and identifying new enzymatic transformations and the corresponding mechanism.

Tzu-Yu Chen, Ph.D. Candidate, Organic Chemistry,

  • Research Interests:  Interested in organic synthesis and mechanisms of enzymatic transformations.

Nicholas Koenig Canty, Organic Chemistry,

  • Research Interests: I am interested in uncovering enzymatic mechanisms and studying their use for the synthesis of natural products.

Tyler Hostetler, Biochemistry and Protein Engineering,

  •  I received my B.S. in Biology and a minor in Chemistry from Pennsylvania State University. I am interested in working at the interface between chemistry and biology. More specifically, designing/ modifying enzymes to leverage their catalytic capabilities in our favor, by solving difficult problems within the realm of organic synthesis. During this time, I am also interested in utilizing computational chemistry to help guide a rational design of these enzymes.

Charalambos Michael (Harry), Organic Chemistry,

  • I am from Cyprus and I got my bachelor degree in Chemistry at the University of Cyprus. I speak 3 languages and I love soccer. I am interested in total synthesis/biosynthesis of biologically active natural products and enzymatic mechanisms that are involved in making these molecules.

Brady Zanella, Chemical Biology and Natural Product,

  •  I received my B.S. and M.S. in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. As someone who was born and raised in Raleigh, it feels good to be back home and a member of the Wolfpack family. I look forward to conducting research in the Chang Lab.



Undergraduate student:

Lindsay Coffer

Inam Ramzan









Angela Yao

Seth Thomas









Lindsay Coffer,

  • Research Interests: I am currently working towards a degree in Chemistry along with a minor in Biology. I am interested in medicine and learning more about organic synthesis techniques. I am a part of CRU at NC State, enjoy baking, and swimming.

Inam Ramzan,

  • I am currently pursuing a degree in Psychology, a minor in Biology, and a minor in Health, Medicine, and Human Values. I am a pre-med student interested in learning about organic synthesis and the chemical modification of biological molecules such as enzymes.


  •  I am currently majoring in Chemistry with intent to double major in Biology. I am interested in learning about enzymatic transformations and organic synthesis. In my spare time, I enjoy playing the piano.


  •  I am currently pursuing a degree in chemistry. Organic chemistry is my favorite facet of chemistry by far and I hope to conduct research in the field of organic chemistry in the future. I am a part of CRU as a Bible study leader and I am a massive Star Wars nerd.

Former lab members:

Britt, Dillon (Undergraduate, 2016)

Collazos, Lance (Undergraduate, 2016)

Dr. Jhih-Liang (Scott) Huang (Post-doc, 2017, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan)

Dominick Ali (MS., Organic Chemistry, 2017, Wake Technical Community College)

Justin Dicks (MS., Organic Chemistry, 2017, Pfizer)

Xinglin (Jason) Jia (Undergraduate, 2017)

Nicole Wagner (Undergraduate, 2017, Ohio State University, Ph.D. program in Biochemistry)

Dev Sanyal (MS., Organic Chemistry, 2018, Catalent Pharma Solutions)

Cheng-Ping Yu (Visiting scholar, 2018)

Michael Feuerstein (2018)

Krone Liesl (Undergraduate, 2018)

Meredith McNamee (Undergraduate, 2019, UNC Chapel Hill, Ph.D. program in Chemistry)

Richard Monsky (Undergraduate, 2019)

Garim You (2019)

Chi-Ti Peng (Research assistant, 2020, Greenfiltec Taiwan Ltd, Taiwan)

Dr. Madison Davidson (Ph.D., Organic Chemistry 2020, KBI Biopharma)

Marisah de Moll (Undergraduate, 2021)

Kai-Xiang Lai (2022)

Brendon Sadlowski (Undergraduate, 2022)

Xiaojun Li (Postdoc, 2022, Hongene Biotech Corporation)

Haoyu Tang (Postdoc, 2022)

Noah Stallcup (Undergraduate, 2022)